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My First Time Making "Tempe"

This is my first experience making tempeh. Even though both are made from soybeans, tempeh is made using yeast, while tofu does not use yeast. I really like eating tempeh. It turns out the white color I ate was mushrooms. I just found out about it after studying in school about biotechnology. This is my story about making tempeh at school. Soybeans are boiled for 30 minutes and soaked overnight. The aim is for the process of exfoliating the skin of soy beans. Even my friend's soybeans were sour because they had been soaked too long. I will find out more about this.

The next day I brought soaked soybeans and cooking utensils to make tempeh to school. The next step is peeling the skin of the soybeans. Because I brought quite a lot, this took quite a long time. Once clean, the soybeans are boiled again. The goal is maturation. The cooked beans are drained until dry, then given yeast. It turns out that this yeast was not given as much as I thought. You only need about 2 grams per kilo. After mixing with yeast, the soybeans are wrapped in plastic and another in banana leaves. Make small holes in the plastic and banana leaves. Because we know that fungi are living creatures that also carry out the respiration process.

The mold continues to cover the soybeans until they look white. The process to be enjoyed takes three days and two nights. The results are quite satisfying. The tempeh made by me and my friends is not contaminated by other microorganisms.

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